The Hectic College Years


The Hectic College Years A lot of us will find these years difficult to forget. Mostly, the memories of these years are fresher as compared to the other years in our education, and it is probably one of the most eventful times in our lives yet. This is the case when you got yourself involved with a lot of things other than passing your subjects. Yes, college days can be hectic, and this is the time where we find ourselves amidst the colorful lives you’ll be finding out.

It is as if you just came out of a shell—high school days seemed to be the real deal, but in college, it is a different world. Will Trott quinton is a witness to such. Lives can really change when you’re in college and there could be unlikely events that will turn your life around. It all depends on how you will be able to face that.

Trott had an accident back in high school that made him stop pursuing his sports career. But it is difficult to give up on something you love in an instant. He studied at the University of Alabama and he tried a different sport this time—skiing. Hobbies during college should not be neglected, and even if Trott faced difficulties due to his injury, he continued for two years being on the ski team.

Unfortunately, after those two years, he had to stop due to his injuries. Since he was a kid, Trott would be fascinated with sports and he never knew how this injury can drastically shift his path. In spite all of these, he remains to have the courage to accept that he cannot anymore chase this kind of dream anymore. Here, he learned to face that fact that it is really difficult to do what he loves and there’s not much he could do about it.